Owner - Kimberely Duncan

Buffalo Air Handling, Division of Air and Liquid Systems Corporation, manufactures custom-designed air handling systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial use. Its specialty is air handling units with airflow from 500 CFM to 200,000 CFM. The company also manufactures humidifiers, including wetted media (Aerofils and FinFils), and sprayed coil units (PCLWs).

Buffalo equipment is in long-term service in Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology Labs, Hospital and Health Care Environments, Chemical Plants, Telecommunication Sites, Institutional/Municipal Spaces, and Food Processing Facilities. Buffalo Air Handling is represented by Duncan Enterprises, which provides California start-up and warranty support.

Buffalo Air Handling - Key Product Features:

Revit® and BIM (Building Information Modeling) Engineering Assistance
Foam Engineering Construction
Startup Checklist
Field Startup Procedures